Harsha’s commitment, enthusiasm and passion to help small businesses reach their potential is both genuine and inspiring. Harsha has a very warm and approachable consultation style, and can bridge the gap between the needs of the business and marketing world seamlessly. (Francoise Ballantyne, Life Skills for Kids Director)

Principal Marketing Consultant

Harsha Quartermaine

With over 20 years of marketing experience working for a vast range of industries, Harsha has developed accomplished strategic and tactical marketing capabilities.

Harsha applies her skills and experience in marketing to a diverse range of clients, focusing on all aspects of marketing, including strategic marketing, market research and analysis and brand communications.

With a BA Hons Communications Media Degree from England and a Masters of Marketing postgraduate degree from UWA, Perth, Harsha is a dedicated professional in her field. She combines real-world marketing acumen with proven academic theory, bringing a rare insight to your business. Harsha continues to stay current by regularly attending the latest conferences, masterminds and workshops in marketing, communications and social media.

Few people know that Harsha began life as a Fine Artist. In her early career she pursued her passion for fine art as a painter and worked in the art and design sector. Today this gives her an edge for her clients, with an eye for detail and design her input into marketing branding helps her clients understand how these elements work together.

As a Marketing Strategist Harsha is connected to a large network of trusted professionals who work along side her to execute the plans she creates. From copywriters to graphic designer, social media managers and web designer she has a specialist for every marketing requirement.

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